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Description vol. 01 vol. 02

Archive Series

Malmö, April 2009


Sonic Thinking launched the first volume of the Archive Series on the occasion of Save the last dance for me, a group show initiated by members of the Critical Studies course at the Malmö Art Academy. Based on the concept of public space as a narrative that can be read and overwritten in the form of storytelling, the exhibition itself consisted of various discursive events and research based art projects. Sonic thinking participated on two levels: a selection of texts and field recordings as Archive vol.01 and a series of events. The first is described here, for the latter please see Sonic Imaginaries.

The texts and field recordings were installed in two listening stations.

1) Visitors could choose between conversations with curators Sarat Maharaj, Paul O'Neill and critic Jan Verwoert, or spoken word contributions by artists Ralf Homann, Henning Lundkvist and Tisha Mukarji. While listening one could take in the view from the gallery’s windows, looking out, and onto the muted public space.

2) In a pitch black room at the other end of the gallery, a sound walk led through another exhibition, one that happened at a different time in a different place. What show and where was not indicated, but listening to the interviews one could easily find out who curated it.


Save the last dance for me
A discourse on publics and counter-publics, and how we (re)(over)write them

25 April - 9 May, 2009
KHM gallery Malmö, Sweden

-> www.criticalstudies.se