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Floteson - Lost and Sound


Floteson - Lost And Sound

Nikos Arvanitis / Nate Harrison / Ralf Homann /
Zoe Irvine / Andreas Kurtsson / Henning Lundkvist /
Tisha Mukarji / Laurence Rassel / Sony Mao /
The Tape-beatles / Terre Thaemlitz / Ultra-red /

Curated by Jens Maier-Rothe

October 25 - November 08, 2008
KHM Gallery
Ystadvägen 22a, 21430 Malmö, Sweden
Tuesday to Sunday from 13.00 till 17.00


"In maritime law, flotsam applies to wreckage or cargo left floating on the sea after a shipwreck. Jetsam applies to cargo or equipment thrown overboard from a ship in distress and either sunk or washed ashore."
(The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Ed. 2000)

Floteson was the Anglo-Norman precursor of the English word flotsam, nowadays used for loosely describing objects found floating or washed ashore. Situated along the lines of float (Old-Fr. floter) and sound (Fr. son), the exhibition jumps on the sonic track of permanent reuse to follow the sources, courses and rearrangements of acoustic debris. Traveling with the flow, looping between past, present and future, it presents a vast array of different strategies and instigators for sound recycling methods within contemporary art.

The art works selected for this show unfold an imaginary map that proposes sonic thinking as a form of recycling. Sonic recycling material is constantly used, reused and reproduced. What we hear is associated to what we know and thus creates meaning in relation to our conscious and subconscious memory. Auditory perception as such can be seen as a recycling process, causing our imagination to constantly negotiate between the perceived and associations based on knowledge and memorized impressions, may they be of sonic, visual, haptic or olfactory origin.

Recycling rearranges the relation between old and new, useful and useless, between property and open source. Sound recycling has become an everyday activity nowadays. Whenever we tune in to the world of sonic salvage, remix, sound collage or simple copy paste techniques we can hear how bygone, lost or thrown overboard aesthetic experiences are rearranged and new ones created from them. Music sampling may render endless permutations of a sonic source, endless filter and translation processes fabricate an infinite stream of new subjective meanings, sounds split into their fragments, they travel, cross borders and shift their significance and relevance according to new listeners and contexts. While transgressing various worlds of thought and all kinds of media their interpretations alter in resonance with their surroundings. Meanwhile they lose and produce critical impulses repeatedly until preconceptions, laws and rules again interfere with their flow and divide them into either new property or discarded flotsam, and the journey starts anew. Tracking their courses we can explore the currents and listen to the shores and landfalls in the oceans of sound...


Floteson - Lost And Sound is supported by the exhibition funds of Malmö Art Academy and an anonymous sponsor.