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The More Untitled Fadings After All Floteson Imaginaries Archive
Description Malmö 2009

Sonic imaginaries

Reflections in and on acoustic space

Listening in its social and political dimensions is, without doubt, still widely underrepresented in current art discourses. Whether this is despite or due to the fact that sound is held to be of ephemeral and fragmentary nature, remains an unanswered question. Sonic Imaginaries is an ongoing but irregular series of listening sessions and roundtable discussions with varying guests and hosts. In an open show and tell fashion, the events take this question as a starting point to embark on investigations of the material and the broadly construed philosophical implications of auditory experience. Acoustic space becomes accessible for radical contemporary thinking, which in turn may produce space for new ideas, strategies and methodologies that add to a critical engagement of sound related art practices in social and political issues.