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Description Malmö 2009

Sonic imaginaries

Malmö 2009

Three evenings of listening and sharing thoughts over drinks, circling around one basic question: Can a different acoustic space can be constructed and with it a new public?

Part of the group show Save The Last Dance For Me, curated by Jens Maier-Rothe and Sarah Rifky at KHM gallery, Malmö, Sweden


May 01, 2009 19.00-21.00
Listening session
Playlist: Christina Kubisch Twelve Signals / Disinformation Bexleyheath To Dartford / Ultra-red, excerpts from The Debt, The Minutes, A Silence Broken


May 02, 2009 19.00-21.00
Show and tell
Playlist: Artist Mathias Kristersson will present three works Chasing Silence, Untitled Translation (Berlin), and Found Words


May 07, 2009 18.00-21.00
Round table

/ Mathias Holmberg, curator, Full Pull Festival, Malmö
/ Mathias Kristersson, artist, Malmö
/ Henning Lundkvist, artist, Malmö
/ Thomas Millroth, curator, gallerist, writer, publisher, Ystad
/ Jakob Riis, artist, Copenhagen

Moderated by
/ Jens Maier-Rothe, curator, Berlin
/ Tisha Mukarji, artist, Berlin, Copenhagen


The round table discussion will venture from broader reflections on the acoustic phenomenology of public space into more specific thoughts about listening in the context of contemporary art. The guests as well as the audience are invited to reflect on how listening is organized within society, and how this seems to constitute, amend or reinstate notions of time and space. Asking to what extent the organization of listening may shape our social and political realities, and furthermore how the acoustic side of public space as a site and product of conflict can be explored, the discussion touches upon the question of how listening, as aesthetic experience and practice, can be formalized in art works and exhibitions. We will try to join these two ends, and thus bring diverse theories of public space, chiefly Chantal Mouffe's account for an agonistic public sphere, into actual dialogue with the work of various artists who use acoustic public space as a site and material in their practice.