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Experimental Radio Weimar
Displaced Sounds
Sound in Context
Seth Cluett's archive

Exhibitions, spaces and events

Black Sound White Cube
Radio Days, Amsterdam, 2006
Interference: Public Sound, London, 2003
Full Pull Festival, Malmö, ongoing since 2005
Tuned City, Berlin, 2008
Utopia of Sound, Vienna, 2008
Daily Noise, New York, 2006
Sonic Residues, Stony Brooks, 2008
Treble, Sculpture Center, New York, 2004
The Sound of Things: Unmonumental Audio, New Museum, New York, 2008
Soundfair, ongoing since 2008
Birdcage, ongoing since 2009

Artist websites

Public Record
Terre Thaemlitz
The Tape-beatles/Public Works
Brandon LaBelle
Henning Lundkvist
Nikos Arvanitis
Nate Harrison
Hong-Kai Wang
Seth Cluett

Text sources

Errant Bodies Press
The Wire
European Institute for Progressive Cultural Policies
Cresson-Sound Space and Urban Environment Research Centre
Militant Esthetix

Selected articles

Ultra-red: Some theses on militant sound investigation
Luigi Russolo: The Art of Noises
Jacques Attali: A Perspective on the Future Economy of Music
Jaques Attali: The Prophecy of Noise, Interview in Vibrö
Jaques Attali: Making sense of noise, Interview by Ian Simmons
Douglas Kahn: Noise, Water, Meat: A History of Sound in the Arts
Jonathan Sterne: Urban Media and the Politics of Sound Space
Torben Sangild: The Aesthetics of Noise
Stuart Sim: Several Futures of Silence, Interview in Kaleidoscope
Oliver Marchart: Art, Space and the Public Sphere(s)
Simon Sheikh: In the Place of the Public Sphere?
Boris Buden: Translation is impossible. Let’s do it!
Irit Rogoff: Smuggling - An Embodied Criticality
Zoe Irvine: Interview on republicart.net
Jacqueline Leavitt: Art and the Politics of Public Housing
Rob Young: Review of Son et Lumieres at Centre George Pompidou
Mark Garry: A survey of four Contemporary Sound Artists
Judy Wall: Military Use of Silent Sound
Dietmar Dath: Distinction Renouncing Movement AmbiEntity versus IdEntity
Kodwo Eshun: Interview by Dirk van Weelden
Lisa Oppenheim: John Akomfrah and Black Audio Film Collective