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The More The Merrier

Radio show

Ship-To-Shore: The More The Merrier Radio Show
March 26 3-6 pm

Larry Shao rehearsing Nakashi/Bachata song with singers Kenny and Vivian

For the closing event, we have invited our workshop hosts and other guests to join us for a conversation about the idea behind our project, about expectations never met and outcomes never expected, how we may think of recording in critical art practice, about the successes and failures of pedagogical and participatory projects in recent Taiwanese contemporary art, and other things alike. The session will be moderated in an open fashion with Larry Shao and friends rehearsing a fresh blend of Nakashi/Bachata music during breaks.

Guests include:
Amy Cheng, independent curator
Meiya Cheng, independent curator
Freya Chou, independent curator
Jau-Lan Guo, curator and professor
Chia-En Jao, contemporary art practitioner
Jeph Lo, music critic
Jens Maier-Rothe, independent curator
Larry Shao, artist
Fujui Wang, artist
Hong-Kai Wang, artist
Ouch Wu, journalist and music critic